Discovery Week 1: 5 Bite-Sized Music Reviews to Add to Your Playlist

Jan 3, 2024 | Review, Mini

Here are 5 songs Muse discovered recently. Sometimes they’re new artists, sometimes they’re seasoned artists. So if you have a song that you would like feedback on, feel free to comment and it might find its way into a future post or video.

An important note: I am studying music production and often talk about the production of songs. I also mention other songs or artists that come to mind. This isn’t to compare talent, but to provide a reference point to what I’m hearing or describing. I will often critique, but please don’t confuse this with being negative. If I honestly dislike something, it won’t be featured on the site because I’m not in the business of being mean.

As always, the tracks are in chronological order by release date. So as to not look like there is a favorite. 

maybe i’m the problem now by Mico

Such a fun song with a retro vibe. If Panic at the Disco and Walk the Moon had a baby, it would be this track. The funky guitar and the bouncy vocals just give this song a fun vibe. And I really appreciate his dedication to the concept in the music video. It’s an easy song to both groove to and play in the background while you do boring adult tasks.

The Break: Injury by Morgan Clae

I came across Morgan Clae on TikTok and loved her voice. So I looked up her music on Spotify. This song is so painfully beautiful. The subtlety of the piano and strings is stunning. And then her voice soars over the entire thing and just breaks your heart. “Am I my own demise?” is such a poignant line but the way she belts it and allows it to drift into the music is breathtaking. The way she knows when to belt, and when to allow a rasp in her voice, for maximum emotional impact is just incredible. Absolutely amazing work from her.

Closure by G.Nine

I mentioned the album this track is on in the Best of 2023 post, but I never actually discussed his music. The jazzy vibe to the music and the smoky quality to his voice pair in such a smooth way. The warble to the keys makes it feel like it could be in an emotional scene in a TV Show. And the way he delivers the lyrics has this wispy quality to it. It’s a definite mood song.

Lights On by Nomad

I tried researching these guys and had a hard time finding any information about who they’re with. It feels like they fell out of thin air. But this is such a cool song. I think everyone knows by now that I seriously enjoy chants in songs, but they do a few different things with them. Sometimes it’s just a groovy chant, sometimes it’s a chant at a different level than the vocal meant to add texture. And their voices all work together super well. It’s a really solid song. But I can’t go without mentioning how incredibly satisfying the dance is. The way they engage the claps in the track is just so enjoyable to watch. They dance to the lyrics instead of the music, pretty normal for K-Pop, except for that clap. They engage it regardless of the flow of the lyrics most of the time and it’s just so fun to watch. Definitely keeping an eye on them and waiting for this EP to drop.

Sorry for my late reply by MEMI

Such a solid rock track. I love the way the guitar and her voice mingle on this song. But these lyrics are the real focal point. The emotion in her voice really makes the lyrics pop so much more. And that raspy whine toward the end when she stretches out “Sorry for my late reply” hits just the right spot. And how fitting for a song about death that it ends so abruptly. Definitely need to look into her more because this track was perfect from start to finish.

(TW: Wobbly/Spinning Camera Work)

Thank you for joining me! And I hope you leave a little lighter than when you arrived. ^^

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