Discovery Week 3: 5 tracks you can’t miss from Muse’s latest discoveries

Jan 17, 2024 | Review, Mini

Here are 5 songs Muse discovered recently. Sometimes they’re new artists, sometimes they’re seasoned artists. So if you have a song that you would like feedback on, feel free to comment and it might find its way into a future post or video.

An important note: I am studying music production and often talk about the production of songs. I also mention other songs or artists that come to mind. This isn’t to compare talent, but to provide a reference point to what I’m hearing or describing. I will often critique, but please don’t confuse this with being negative. If I honestly dislike something, it won’t be featured on the site because I’m not in the business of being mean.

As always, the tracks are in chronological order by the release date. So as to not look like there is a favorite.

Let it Die by My First Story

I saw this during John Reaves’s charity live stream and was blown away. I was going to review a newer track, but I wanted to stick with what I initially heard. First, starting with just the bass guitar like that was fantastic, but the entire band is amazing. I feel like bass isn’t often given the attention it deserves in rock bands and they give the bassist multiple moments in this track which is great. And the vocalist embodies all the things I love about J-Rock. The sort of whine mixed with rasp and emotion, is so satisfying to listen to. But those growl screams? They were more like lower harmonies! Brilliant!

(TW: Flashing lights and editing, blood)

Unfamiliar by Crossing Rain

Hawaiian boy group? Yes, please. This bouncy groovy vibe is so much fun and you can’t help but move to it. Their voices all work very nicely together and the different textures are perfect. But the lyrics are the best part. As much as music brings us together despite language or country, it’s important to remember and celebrate our differences as well, rather than write them off in favor of our similarities. And I absolutely love how they’re not only talking about the culture and vibe in Hawaii but also showing you through family and friends in the music video. Such a fantastic concept and executed incredibly well. The pride and admiration in their home and culture is refreshing and much needed these days.

Tiptoe by Kayli Marie

I heard a clip of this on Instagram and immediately went to look for it on Spotify. Her voice has Sia vibes, but these lyrics are so incredibly relatable. I probably played it three times in a row just to feel it wash over me. And the subtlety of the music for the verses really lifts her vocals and adds to the depth of the emotions she’s conveying. Such a beautiful song conveying something I think so many women are feeling lately. It felt very personal to me and I want to cherish it. Stunning song. I already added it to a playlist.

Bite by Fae

The moment I heard this song I immediately added it to my Femme Fatale playlist. The exact opposite vibe from the last song, rather than being silenced, Fae is contemplating if she should reel it in, But I suspect the answer is no. The electric guitar really just drives home her attitude and makes the song feel almost dangerous. I would love to see this performed live as I can imagine the crowd engagement would be amazing as well. Such a mood, absolutely killer track. The slow progression to the music production is brilliant because it just builds this tension until the bridge when it mostly drops out to focus on her. And that glitchy effect on her voice is the sonic version of glitchy after images in videos and I love it. I need this to have a music video for the vibes.


This is a debut track and I am excited to see what they drop next because this was such a fun track. Bouncy but hard hitting at the same time. Anyone who’s been here knows I love chants so I’m vibing with the song already, but their rappers have a pretty good flow. And their choreography is fun to watch. Honestly, they don’t sound like a debut group at all and that’s impressive. Also impressive is the use of a cow bell in a K-pop song? I went back and listened a few times and I’m pretty sure that’s a cow bell. But it works and that makes me laugh. 10/10, you know I added it to a playlist already!
(TW: quick/flashy editing)

Thank you for joining me! And I hope you leave a little lighter than when you arrived. ^^

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