Goodbye August, Hello September

Sep 5, 2023 | Review, Mini

Last week, Hurricane Idalia hit my area, so between technology failing and having to prepare for the hurricane and then catch up after everything was shut down, I had to prioritize where I put my attention. And unfortunately, the website had to take a back seat for a week to support family. But there will be a podcast episode up this Wednesday with a special guest! So look forward to that!

I didn’t have a lot of time to check out new-to-me music last week. I listened to some favorites on repeat a lot. But here are some things I did check out, in a range of styles and languages! So grab your cup of coffee or tea and listen with me.

Wanderer by Nell

This week is full of interesting songs. And this is one of them. It’s this groovy alternative rock song that feels soft and melodic, but also feels like you could dance to it or scream to it. Wanderer manages to hold so many emotions within it all at once. Such an easy song to repeat again and again and feel something different each time. The chorus is lovely, with that haunting harmony in the background. There is something magical about bands for me. I love the feel of live bands. Also, those guitar solos felt perfectly placed and just the right length each time. Love this song.
(TW for flashing lights and lasers)

Love Lee by AKMU

This was so fun and I’m mad I didn’t notice them sooner. Such a cute summer vibe track. Something about the synths they used, makes it feel like a much older track. But it doesn’t feel retro or anything? So much about this is just so much fun to listen to. The ad libs, the harmonies, the chanted dududu’s. And the music video is going to give you cavities, but you need to watch it anyway. I can’t even review it well because it just makes me feel warm and happy. So enjoy it with me!

New Dance by XG

I’ve been wanting to check XG out for a bit, but somehow other artists keep coming up that get my attention first. I’m so glad I gave this one a listen though. It’s such a fun and relatable song. These global groups are super interesting. But that’s a whole post in itself. This song is perfect for dance parties and skate rinks. But it has this musical, flash mob vibe to it. Like you could see it come on and people break out of the scenery to show off their dance moves. It’s such a cute bouncy track. Impossible to not feel like dancing while listening to it.

Workin’ Hard by Fujii Kaze

Another interesting track. The production is laced with a heavy dose of repetition. R&B/Pop at its most tediously repetitive, but it matches the lyrics so well that you can’t even be mad at it. It’s hammering home the way work wears you down with this relentless rhythm. Super interesting. It’s such a quintessential J-Pop song, I can’t help but struggle to decide if I’m going to sing “Workin’ Hard” along with Kaze or if I’m going to start singing “Rock the Boat” with Aaliyah. Which is not a diss or anything! It’s fun! I’m not sure if it’s going on a playlist just yet, but it was definitely worth mentioning for how fascinating it was.

Dum Dum by Jeff Satur

What an interesting blend of sounds. The songs starts like it might be a country or gospel inspired song, Nick Cave and Hozier vibes. But then at 1:30 we get those drums and the electric guitar, followed by a banjo and I gave up on trying to make sense of what I was hearing. Dum Dum feels like a mood, the banjo giving that country western broken heart feel, but that electric guitar and his wail gives anger and resentment. And then you have that drumline and the bass that serves “revenge is a dish best shoved down someone’s throat.” Immediately added to a playlist.

Hangang Gongwon by BIBI

I will never tire of BIBI’s voice. I’m not sure any other female artist feels as rich and full as her currently. She’s so emotive and her vocals feel so lush. This song is absolutely going on my playlist for lazy rainy days spent with headphones on. Close your eyes and just feel the way she uses her voice as the wonderful instrument that it is. And then watch the amazing acting she does in this video (per usual). I love that the music feels so light and open. Even though there is actually a lot going on in the background; you’ve got piano, clap, hi hat, bass, fx, harmonies, and more. It’s so full, and yet her vocals still take center stage. It’s such a well rounded and beautiful song.

Top or Cliff by Kim Sejeong

This just dropped and I had to include it because oh my goodness. Beautiful. Not only is her voice wonderfully melodic and emotive, the lyrics are perfect. And the music video blew me away as well. The way it’s lacking just enough context and the cuts at the final fight scene are so fast that you can miss it if you look away for a second. Is she fighting against society’s expectations and criticisms? Or her own? It felt very much like the way society makes so many judgements and it reinforces the imposter syndrome that so many women face every day, causing a fight against both society and your own mind, just to believe exactly what Sejeong is saying, “I’m the right person… don’t need a favor.” And she says it in this breathy voice that sounds determined to outrun anyone who would disagree. Absolutely amazing.

(TW for violence, a lot of it)

Thank you for joining me! I hope you leave a little lighter than you arrived!

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