Muse’s Best of 2023

Dec 26, 2023 | Review

No fluff and explanation, here is Muse’s best of 2023 list.

Songs reviewed:
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Butterfly by Route 1

Dum Dum by Jeff Satur

So I Danced by DPR IAN

Mania by Emily Mei

Your Ex by ABI

Screen Time by Epik High and Hoshi

Amigos by Becky G and BIBI

Delulu by Lexie Liu

COBAIN by Aleebi

Como Yo by Non Smokers Club


2023 Album releases:

(links to album on Spotify)

Strawberry – Epik High

Tell Me I’m Alive – All Time Low

FML – Seventeen

The Colors of Love – Bang Yongguk

OK Episode 2: I’m OK – CIX

don’t you go running off – Donny Daydream

Beyond Imagination – Route 1

relaxation – Woshi

Closure – G.Nine

Voice tool tip.txt – Huh

Dear Insanity… – DPR IAN

Venus & Blue – Rubio



Music Videos:
(links to the music video on YouTube)


Girls’ Capitalism by tripleS LOVElution

Top or Cliff by Kim Sejeong

Peanut Butter & Tears by DPR IAN

Hongdae R&B by BIBI

Back on 74 by Jungle

Ruby by Summer Soul

Older by Isabel LaRosa

Cut You Off by Chinchilla

Delulu by Lexie Liu

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