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Apr 2, 2024 | Review, Mini

Here are 5 songs released in the last 2 weeks. Sometimes they’re new artists, sometimes they’re seasoned artists. If you see a recent release missing that you would like my feedback on, feel free to comment and it might find its way into a future post or video.

An important note: I am studying music production and often talk about the production of songs. I also mention other songs or artists that come to mind. This isn’t to compare talent, but to provide a reference point to what I’m hearing or describing. I will often critique, but please don’t confuse this with being negative. If I honestly dislike something, it won’t be featured on the site because I’m not in the business of being mean.

As always, the tracks are in chronological order by release date (of the video). So as to not look like there is a favorite. ^^ And I know CHUNG HA’S track is older than 2 weeks, but I had to include it.

EENIE MEENIE by CHUNG HA featuring Hongjoong

This funky hip-hop infused track is not remotely what I expected from Chung ha this release but it’s amazing. Love a song that boldly starts with nothing but bass guitar and vocals before bringing in the heat. And the Spanish guitar? This song is such a mix of sounds and feelings but it works so well. And I would love for her to use the vocal fry more because I think it suits her voice well. Hongjoong’s nasally tone is higher than her sultry vocals and the texture was extremely pleasant. Love everything about this track. Not to mention the styling and choreography in the music video were incredibly fitting to the song.

(TW: Some flashy editing towards the end)

세상 따위 (Fucking World) by 래원 (Layone) featuring BewhY

This track also throws everything but the kitchen sink in but it works so well! It starts off feeling like it’s going to be a K-pop type song with a bit of an island vibe with those steel drums. And then the raw vocal rapping comes in and knocks you over. Layone and BewhY have a tone, but their rap style is different enough that BewhY’s verse feels like a fresh variation to the stylistic way that Layone raps. But these lyrics are so relatable and therefore painful. Very true of the way today’s society feels and how hard it is to find love and support if you are on the outside looking in. Music speaks so much louder than the average person can and I hope more people listen to (and understand) this track and the next one.

(TW: Music Video is a super violent story, so if you’re not into that, listen here)

Neuron by j-hope featuring Gaeko and Yoon Mirae

Right out the gate, that 90’s vibe had me sold. If you recall, I love Yoon Mirae. So as soon as I saw her name on this track, I had to check it out and they didn’t disappoint! The vibe reminded of that same TuPac flavored vibe that Yoon Mirae’s Black Happiness has. But where Black Happiness is this painful journey into music, Neuron is the after. It’s the motivation and conviction to motivate others around you into joining you on this journey. As noted in the English translation of “My upright generosity begins.” The lyrics are amazing and the differences in flow between the three keep it super interesting (And of course you got the beat drop, T, you’re a queen, come on). Absolutely love it.

1000 Years(千年) by Tablo featuring J.SHEON

Softcore Tablo is a whole mood. He knows how to make beautifully painful music that you want to listen to on repeat. Such a peacefully sad break up song. The piano and his voice adds to rainy day vibe of this track. But then the addition of J.SHEON just adds to the heartbreak this song carries with it with his soaring vocals. It’s such an emotive song, but so simple in terms of sound. Even when the strings and drumkit enters the chat, it’s still so subdued with the vocals being the star of the show and making you feel every bit of this ruined future due to a break up. Stunning song.

Movimiento by Bang Yongguk

If you’ve been here long enough, you know my favorite fusion is Spanish and Korean. Bang Yongguk will sometimes sprinkle Spanish in a track, but this one does for Spanish what Xie Xie does for Mandarin. But with House music. He always makes the most interesting choices and they pay off so well. The textures he infuses in his songs are incredibly satisfying. The amount of layered ad libs he uses adds so much to the fullness of this track. My one complaint is that I wish he was mixed above the music for the chorus. He included all of that lovely Spanish and then embedded it into the music. I wish those lines were a bit more clear, especially being the chorus. But it’s such a vibey track regardless (and already on my playlist)! But also this music video is just as vibey. The dancing was a pleasant surprise!

Thank you for joining me! And I hope you leave a little lighter than when you arrived. ^^

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