New Music Alert Week 3: 5 Hot New Music Releases You Need to Hear Right Now

Jan 22, 2024 | Review, Mini

Here are 5 songs released in the last 2 weeks. Sometimes they’re new artists, sometimes they’re seasoned artists. If you see a recent release missing that you would like my feedback on, feel free to comment and it might find its way into a future post or video.

An important note: I am studying music production and often talk about the production of songs. I also mention other songs or artists that come to mind. This isn’t to compare talent, but to provide a reference point to what I’m hearing or describing. I will often critique, but please don’t confuse this with being negative. If I honestly dislike something, it won’t be featured on the site because I’m not in the business of being mean.

As always, the tracks are in chronological order by release date (of the video). So as to not look like there is a favorite. ^^

Drunk Again by Song House & Maria Rose

I’ve been loving seeing what Song House is doing. Super cool idea. But the moment I heard this song on their TikTok, I had goosebumps. Maria’s voice is gorgeous and so layered in emotion. When you pair it with those bass drums, piano, and violin, it’s so painfully beautiful. And with those harmonies, while she sounds so raw, you feel everything she’s laying out there. Amazing song.

Call Me Shadow by Akini Jing

This would make for an amazing rave song. At times it’s like a lo-fi EDM track, is that a thing? I love the addition of traditional instruments and the up pitched harmony. The song starts out feeling a bit subdued and simple and them shatters that illusion beautifully. There are so many layers in this and it’s absolutely stunning. The vocal effects? That breakdown? I could listen to her voice all day. And the music video is like a whole movie. Perfect for the song, because it feels so cinematic and full.

(TW: Violence/Blood)

Good Morning by Yena

Such a fun pop rock track! I love how light and airy her voice is combined with those pounding drums and that loud electric guitar. The contrast of her cute sound and the angry music is perfect, we love juxtaposition here. My one complaint is that constant cymbal crashing was super distracting. It felt like they were trying to lighten the music with the higher pitched noise and instead it gave me a headache. I would love to listen to it on repeat but that cymbal keeps me from doing so. Otherwise it’s amazing and so is she. This video is the same perfect blend of cute and rock vibes!

(TW: flashing lights/editing)

偽顔 by yama

Such a light dance track. Her voice melts over the beats so nicely. And that beat is such a groovy vibe. I dare you to stay still while you listen to this song. That squeaky bed sound will never not make me laugh though. But I think the super bouncy bass helps tone it down. There is so much going on in the instrumentation of this track and that bass steals the show for me, followed by way this song feels like a musical version of the twinkling sound on and off. It’s so fun to listen to.

(TW: flashing lights)

Skin and Bones by David Kushner

Nick Cave meets X Ambassadors with a little Hozier inspired lyrics vibe. The only guy this week and he’s worth it. His voice starts deeper than that grave he’s digging and gradually carries to this emotional wail that gives goosebumps and breaks your heart. That break in his voice, with the main focal point being the piano, bleeding into those emotional harmonies and strings. I am in love with everything about this song. “Lord forgive me, I know my flesh needs to die.” Said with such pained conviction. Stunning, from start to finish.

Thank you for joining me! And I hope you leave a little lighter than when you arrived. ^^

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