Podcast Episode 1 Transcript: Introduction To Moon Culture Cafe

Jul 19, 2023 | Podcast

Hello! And welcome to Moon Culture Cafe. I am your host, Muse, and today we’re going to be talking about what Moon Culture Cafe is, and how we plan to move forward. So, Moon Culture Cafe is both a blog and a podcast, but it is also a community. So, if you head over to the Moon Culture Cafe website, There’s the cafe tab, and that’s where you’ll find the forum and group boards. That being said, I, Muse, am here to guide you along our music journey. We’re gonna be talking about music and storytelling predominately. Some bits will be pertaining more towards the music industry as a whole, both in the United States and overseas. Currently, my focus is on Korean, Japanese, and Chinese music, predominately Mandarin but that’s just where I am at the moment. Eventually we will be branching into other countries’ music as well.

The breakdown of what we’ll be talking about is we’ll be Artist Spotlights, where I just kind of do an overview of their discography or music videos or what have you. We’ll be doing album reviews, music video reviews, things like that. And interviews with other professionals, including YouTubers and artists preferably, eventually, we’ll see how that goes. And it’s just gonna be a fun time talking about music and how it tells a story and engages our emotions.

So that’s about the cafe, but you still don’t really know who I am, right? I’m your host, you should maybe know a little bit about me. So, I have wanted to work in the music industry since I was a tiny tot, if you will. Life happened, as it does, and I am finally pursuing this as an avenue. So my focus currently, as I said before, is on various Asian countries and their music. I am currently learning Korean and loosely learning Mandarin, but it’s a little different two different languages as the same time. Especially when they’re so different in terms of grammar and… ah, but that’s not what this is about, is it? A little bit about my music background, I guess, would be I did things like choir and whatnot in elementary school, along with band. So I do have a wee bit of music background, not a whole lot, like we’re not gonna count that. And I have done Dance throughout high school and college and beyond. So dance is my thing.

Many moons ago, I watched a lot of dance videos. Like Millennium Dance Studio, One Million Dance Studio, like that style of dance videos, and Competition dance videos. Because I was so steeped in that vibe, right? And around 2010, I was first introduced to K-pop via BigBang’s ironically Japanese release, Tell Me Goodbye. And a friend had sent it to me because at the time I was watching quite a bit of anime and listening to anime soundtracks and she was like hey you might like this and I did. And then, I think it was around 2015, I want to say, somewhere in that vicinity, an ex of mine introduced me to a more varied take of K-pop. Because up until then I had really only listened to BigBang. I hadn’t ventured out past that. And so he introduced me, via some playlists he had put together, to a much wider range of the K-pop music scene. And that was almost 10 years ago, which seems wild to think about. But that leads us to the hear and now. And I am just really looking forward to being able to discuss with a broader audience perhaps a side of music on a global scale that maybe you haven’t necessarily considered or thought about. I have been told that I see things that other people might over look, often times, and maybe you’re not one of those people that over look it. But I would like to talk about it nonetheless.

And I think whether you are into just a couple of artists in general. Like maybe you only like Taylor Swift and BTS, and that’s fine! Or if you are into a multitude of artists, maybe you like a handful of artists from the US and you like a handful of artists from Japan and China and Korea and maybe you like some Indian artists and maybe you like some South American artists. Like maybe you’re all over the place, like me! And I think either of these two spectrums is good and necessary to the eco-system of music. And I would think that you will find something to take away from these podcasts even if the artist that I’m talking about might not necessarily be your style in that moment. If that makes sense.

And the goal with the podcast is really just to give you a little piece of something to chew on, something to think about, something to mull over, in terms of the way we view music and the way we view artistry and the way storytelling and emotions and all of this really play into how we see the music that we listen to. How we hear the music that we listen to. All of these pieces come together and I just really wanna talk about it. So that’s what we’re doing here. I hope you pull up a chair. Grab yourself a cup of coffee or tea. And let’s chat! Let’s get to talking about music. Are you ready? I’m ready.

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