Schedule Adjustment

Feb 20, 2024 | Update

Pardon the dust! When the schedule was made at the end of 2023, College and A&R Training were not at the level they are now. So Muse spent some time making the necessary adjustments to the schedule in order to remain consistent and thorough.

Sunday: New Music Alert

Mini reviews of 5 songs that were released in the last two weeks.

Monday: Music Talk on YouTube

The video discussing our Music Talk topic and song recommendations will be posted on YouTube on Monday evenings!

Tuesday: Music Talk on Socials

A clip of the YouTube video will be posted along with the new discussion topic.

Wednesday: Podcast Day!

Look for the podcast on Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and here on the website!

Thursday: Discovery

Mini reviews of 5 songs that Muse discovered recently.

Friday: Bi-Weekly Features + Playlist

Artist Spotlights, Album Reviews, Guest Posts, etc. posted twice a month.
+ the playlist updates will be posted to socials.

Saturday: Let’s Chat!

You can find Muse on Instagram throughout the day, feel free to pop into their DMs and say hi!

Thank you for stopping by! ^^

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