The Potential Superstars: Muse’s SXSW 2024 Picks

Dec 30, 2023 | Review, Mini

Muse sifted through the current lineup for SXSW 2024 and picked some international artists that you should have on your radar in the coming year (and definitely watch if you’ll be attending SXSW)!


Moody and edgy rock sound that mixes English and Cantonese. I highly recommend keeping an eye on this group from Hong Kong. While drawing inspiration from groups like Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, and Autolux; they manage to create a satisfying fusion of rock and shoegaze. It’s angst meets dreams meets emotions you can’t name yet.

(TW: Flashy/glitch editing)


Take R&B, funk, soul, rock and hip-hop and throw them in a bowl, mix well, and turn the volume up loud for a taste of Kroi. This Japanese band has such a cool sound. Their sound varies from hipster track that should air during a movie, to intense rocker track that would work as an Anime opening track. Absolutely recommend.

(TW: Flashing lights)


Multicultural R&B Band. With members from Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan; they have a blended easy listening sound that defies definition. They take a trilingual approach to lyrics and then meld Japanese, Korean, US, and UK R&B, with notes of Jazz and Funk.

Peach Luffe

Dreamy Pop with soft and sweet vocals, Peach Luffe is classically trained violinist Jong Lee. This is the sort of music you expect to hear playing in a Romantic scene in a movie or at a cute café in San Francisco. It has nostalgia vibes mixing with a dreamy future. Perfect for starry eyed playlists.


I mentioned Rubio in the Best of 2023 list. Behind Rubio is Chilean drummer, producer, and front-woman—Francisca Straube; mixing Pop, Hip- Hop, Electronic, Ambient and Ethnic musical elements to create a sound that is fresh and addictive. Even when you start to question how these sounds work together, you have to admit it’s catchy.

Pink Pablo

Puerto Rican singer/songwriter and producer Juan Pablo Rivera makes up Pink Pablo, which I feel is best described as Blur meets Black Eyed Peas but make it in Spanish. Such a fun mix between Pop, Alt Rock, Latin Pop all with this cute hipster vibe that is incredibly catchy and addictive.


A traveling family act in the vein of Psychedelic New Age Drone music.  Utilizing an array of electronic and toy instruments, they create these expansive sounds and melodies. The name TENGGER is Mongolian for “unlimited expanse of sky” and really suits the mood they create with their music. It’s not something that is going to match everyone’s taste but if you like it, you get it.


Persian artist from New Zealand, CHAII combines multicultural Rap and Hip-Hop with R&B and Electronic to form this fresh and feisty beat that you can’t sit still while listening to. She serves boss energy in the best way possible with a flow that feels at once familiar and unique.

(TW: Flashy/quick editing)

Aleighcia Scott

If you’re looking for some Reggae, look no further. That lovely island sound mixing with her smooth vocals leaves such a refreshing feeling behind. Her music carries this timeless vibe and is impossible to sit still while you listen to her. Check her out before SXSW to make sure you’re ahead of the trend.


A delightful alt-pop artist from Japan, she almost whispers her lyrics to you. She’s got this super soft, breathy vocal atop electric guitars and synths, among other sounds. She creates these unique pictures with her sounds and her vocals. And her music could easily fit any number of playlists.

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