What’s New in 2024?

Dec 24, 2023 | Update

Moon Culture Cafe is going to be cooler in 2024! We’re trying to utilize more social media and more community engagement. But before we get into the schedule, let’s look at the last week of 2023!

We’ll be posting our favorites from 2023 across several genres, along with a guide on who we’re keeping an eye on that will be performing at SXSW in March. And the last 2023 episode of the podcast will be a band interview that you wanna get in on now so you can say you knew them when they first started. ^-^

Now let’s look at next year’s schedule!

Sunday: Mini Reviews – New Music

I’ll be breaking up the wrap up posts too make them easier on all of us. Sunday’s will be up to 5 songs that were released in the last 2 weeks.

Monday: Community – Website and Instagram

Muse will post a question-of-the-week in the community board on the website and will have time on Instagram for questions and conversation.

Tuesday: Mini Reviews – Discovery

Similar to the New Music Reviews, but Discovery will be up to 5 songs from artists I think need more attention.

Wednesday: Podcast

No changes to Wednesdays.

Thursday: Playlist Updates

Check Instagram and TikTok for playlist updates! Currently we only have the Dark R&B Mix, but there are more in the works.

Friday: Artist Spotlight

Twice a month, we’ll go indepth with an artist. At least one artist will be an Indie artist.

Saturday: Music Talk

Artists, music, community, culture, business… Twice a month, you can expect a video discussion on anything and everything music. This will start on TikTok but may move to YouTube as needed.

Look forward to hanging out and talking music with everyone in 2024!

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